Music for Your 30’s

I now listen to music mainly while I work. This is a delicate and frustrating process. No music with words – obviously. No music that is too chaotic. No music that is too calm. Mainly, I listen to “lo-fi”, but this creates a hollow feeling – I never long for a particular lofi song. Which is partially the point, I suppose.

What I want is something to occupy that back portion of my brain that interferes. Something to put the monkey at rest.

Lately, I have been exploring Jazz. I am a paying subscriber to Spotify who has recently found a desire to get my money’s worth. For someone not keen on listening to music with words this is a bit challenging. Spotify is for parties and long drives.

So these days, I go to the new release section of Jazz albums and look for artwork I like. This is a new passion. I love this.

Quickly I have deduced that I choose artwork based on what people do not do. I don’t want to see some staged, hi-resolution, image of a jazz musician with a receding hair line. I want to see a rough rectangle on faded paper like Shai Maestro used.

I don’t want a chaos of colors, I want to know you could have used any color but choose a few.
The love of the album cover has not yielded a 1:1 success rate of music that occupies without distraction, but it is a new found joy. Amelie style.

Currently, I am listening to Tipsy by CODE Quartet.

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